cat sitting and dog walking richmond virginia - the fan sitterTHE FINE PRINT

I do not sit for any pet I judge to be dangerous.

Beyond standard oral and topical medications, I do not administer non-emergency medical treatment.

I do not generally bathe pets or trim toenails. For pet grooming I highly recommend Dogma in Carytown.

I do not clean houses. I clean up only pet-related messes.

My workspace is the client's home. I do not render services out of my own home, nor do I board pets.

I do not group-walk dogs from different households. Each dog or set of dogs is walked and cared for according to its household.

I do not sit for pets "on the side." I run my business as a business.

Most importantly, prospective clients should understand that while most dogs, cats and other friends thrive on in-home care, some do not, especially those with advanced emotional or health problems. You owe it to yourself and your pet to judge whether in-home care or traditional kenneling best meets their needs and yours.

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